Raise Funds with Local Restaurants and Shops 

Get donations for your school or organization by selling e-gift cards from participating restaurants and shops. 

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Still Selling Cookies? How About Selling Gift Cards of Your Favorite Local Restaurants!

Contribulet is a fundraising platform that helps schools and non-profit organization to streamline their fundraising process with local restaurants and shops.

Create a fundraising event with the participating restaurants and shops in your community

Promote the business' e-gift cards to your supporters

Receive donations from the e-gift card sales

Easily Collaborate with Local Merchants

With just a few clicks on your computer, reach out to local merchants. Collaborate with multiple local businesses to attract more supporters and raise more funds for your organization.

Manage Your Fundraiser Like a Pro!

Still using shoe boxes to collect receipts? With Contribulet you won’t have to anymore! It’s simple – your fundraiser supporters can purchase e-Gift Cards from participating restaurants and stores on Contribulet. Because everything is on the Cloud, you can access your fundraising data 24/7.

The app is very similar to Groupon. I go online and buy coupons from the restaurant that my school has partnered up with. It’s very easy to use!

Teacher at Vinci Park Elementary School

Contribulet lets me try new food and go to those restaurants that I’ll probably go back because I really like them! It also helps our school to get money!

Student at Sunnyvale Middle School

I like the team function on Contribulet. I like being able to see who is on my team and how much we all contributed. 

Teacher at Sunnyvale Middle School

The Best Digital Fundraising Tool

 0% service fee

No service fee means more money will go to your fundraiser

 Simple setup

You can now create a fundraising event in minutes.

 Social reach

Reach out to more friends and family using the power of social media. 

 Online tools

We provide tools and resources to help you reach your goal.


Access all of your fundraiser data on-line – see how much money you’ve raised, who are your largest supporters, and more.

 24/7 Access

Manage, track, and share your fundraising event anytime, anywhere!

Contribulet Interface

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