3 Tips for Acquiring Corporate Sponsors

Your PTA is looking for a corporate sponsor for their next event. Maybe they are putting on a Fun Run to raise money for computers in every classroom or for more library books. Whatever the organization, event or cause, here are three helpful tips for acquiring a corporate sponsor for your next event.

1. Use Your Network. Corporations invest in causes that align with their goals and values as well as the communities where their employees live. Before you start canvasing the neighborhood for sponsors, look at your volunteer network. Maybe someone in your organization works at a running store or has contacts at the big bookstore chain in the area.

2. Highlight the Advantages of Sponsorship. Corporations will ask themselves, “What will I get out of sponsoring this event?” Let them know how many community members you expect will attend, how you plan to market the event and how you plan to use their name. After all, sponsorship is a form of marketing.

3. Invite the Potential Sponsor to the Event. Offer your sponsor the opportunity for a table where they can showcase their goods or upcoming events, provide a moment where they can speak to the crowd or observe the event. All of these reasons are great ones for inviting your sponsor. It allows them a chance for community involvement first hand. It is also important if you plan on asking them for their partipation on a reoccurring basis that they know for next time.

Remember most corporate sponsors want to be involved in the community where they live and meet their clients and customers. Think locally when thinking about sponsors, ask them to join you in making the community a better place.