3 Tips for Getting People Engaged With Your Fundraiser

After you have spent so much time and effort in putting together your fundraiser, you want to be sure that you have enough participants to make it a success. Here are 3 tips for getting people engaged with your fundraiser.

  • Advertise. An event without participants or donors is like a tree a falling in the woods. Did it really happen? There are plenty of free ways of advertising including social media, email blasts and listservs. Encourage your constituency to share the postings as well. Low budget items may include lawn signs if it is a neighborhood event or asking local business to put signs in their windows. If you have the budget for larger advertising consider radio ads, social media ad placement or pay-per-click advertising.


  • Sponsorship. If you are looking to take your fundraiser to the next level, looking for sponsors can provide an added infusion of cash and people. Sponsorship can be on two levels. First, they provide the money needed for big ticket items such as a large item for a raffle or auction. Second, once they become involved at the level of sponsor, they will market their involvement with the fundraiser to those within their circles as well, trying to encourage their business associates to attend.


  • Entertainment. When you are thinking of planning a fundraiser, think of the type of activities that everyone who supports your cause can rally behind. For example, planning a ski trip for a PTA fundraiser may not be the best way to bring in people because not everyone knows how to ski. A more appropriate fundraiser might be a one day carnival or bowl-a-thon where you can reach out to the community at large or even beyond. Consider something where everyone can participate in the fun.

As you start to plan your event, be sure to remember to get the word out as soon as possible so people can save the date on their calendars. Also remember the online component of asking for donations to support your cause. This helps those who can’t attend the event be a part of it as well.