3 Ways to Work Together to Fundraise for Your Cause

Giving back to your community is a year round endeavor but we understand that families are busy with school, work and other responsibilities. Here are some ideas for how you can engage your business and local community to work together as a team.

  • Set Up Donation Pages for Ongoing Causes. It’s ok to ask for donations for your organization from local businesses and your community. Think of a particular item or cause you want your local business owners to be aware of when creating your page. Be sure to send out emails and update your website to let your donors know that the event is coming up. Provide instructions on how Contribulet’s mobile fundraising can make donating easy. Remind them to extend the invitation to donate to their circle of friends, families and business network. They may even find new local business owners who will interested in joining your network of givers.
  • Time to Start a Campaign. Kick off a new drive with the start of a new year. Using our Contribulet fundraising tool, get the word out on Social Media platforms and your community can start giving back just by shopping at their favorite stores.
  • Provide a Family Friendly Event for the Night. Create an event that encourages families to stop by like a dine out at your local restaurant. Work with the restaurant to have them donate a percentage of the proceeds back to your cause. Using Contribulet’s platform, set up an event at on offsite location when families can have fun. Some ideas to get families involved include a science demonstration for children, bounce night, sports night, or a dance-a-thon. Many families welcome the chance to get their kids out and moving for a good cause.

Make any day a day to show active families that they can incorporate giving into their everyday lives. Use it as an opportunity to showcase your cause and get local businesses and their community working together.