4 Reasons Restaurant Fundraisers May Be Good For Your Business

Many restaurants offer fundraising opportunities for various organizations. Fundraisers are usually done helping organizations raise money for their certain cause. Organizations are always seeking our restaurants that will help them with fundraising events. These organizations and groups often include the likes of youth sports organizations, boy/girls scout groups, and a variety of other non-profit groups looking for additional ways to raise money for their cause.

There are many reasons that your restaurant should consider participating in such fundraising events. One big perk to your company is clear and that is the fact you will increase business during these fundraisers from people who support the organization or group doing the fundraising. These are the patrons come out and eat in your restaurant during the timeframe specified for the fundraiser.

Why Should My Restaurant Consider These Fundraisers?

There are many reasons that restaurants should consider participating in such fundraisers. Keep in mind that both the restaurant and the organization or group can benefit from these events. The following are some of the benefits that restaurants get from participating in fundraisers:

Tax Write-Offs:

Many businesses who donate a certain percentage of their sales (usually 20%) to an organization or charity during the times they are fundraising are eligible to write the donated money off of their taxes. You know the money is going to a good cause and you are making a difference while also getting the tax perks that come along with it.

You Get Additional Business:

If you are doing a fundraiser for a specific group or charity, people who support the chosen cause are very likely going to come to your restaurant and will spend money on foods and drinks, which will, in turn, help you get business out of it as well. Your company can make a profit while donating a specific amount to a good cause at the same time.

Your Workers Will Benefit:

Waiters and waitresses are likely to get increased tips as more patrons visit the restaurant. Assuming your waiters and waitresses provide quality service to the patrons this could be a great chance for them to pocket some extra tip money and for the company to make an extra profit while also contributing to a worthy cause.

Your Restaurant Gains Community-Wide Respect:

Many of the restaurants that do fundraising events include mainstream names such as Applebees, Boston Market, California Pizza Kitchen, Chipotle, Max & Erma’s, Outback Steakhouse, Panda Express, and Red Robin to name a few. These restaurants have gained a lot of respect and many connections to their local communities for their efforts to give back to their community. Adding your restaurant’s name to the list can elicit similar results for your business as well.

These are just a few of the great benefits of hosting fundraising events at your restaurant. Considering that both you and the organization or group that are receiving the raised funds benefit from the fundraiser, it’s a win-win for everyone.

How Should I Go About Organizing My Fundraiser?

When you are looking to organize your fundraiser event, Contribulet has a fundraising platform that can help you organize your entire event in one place. Contribulet will help you hook up with restaurants who are doing fundraisers and will allow you to receive the profits from their sales even if it’s through purchased e-gift cards on the internet.

As everything is located conveniently in one place, it will be easy to track your fundraiser both while it’s happening and after the final results are in for how much money was raised!