5 Reasons Restaurants Should Do School Fundraisers

Since restaurants exist to feed people and provide a place for the community to gather, it’s only natural that restaurants would be known for giving back and paying forward. When restaurants team up with the local school system for fundraisers, they benefit, too. Even though it’s a warm, fuzzy feeling to support the community you care about, and you’d probably be doing some sort of donation anyhow, there are many ways participating in a school fundraiser benefits your restaurant’s image, and your bottom line.

Here are five of the top reasons restaurants should do school fundraisers:

1. Ramp up word-of-mouth advertising

According to Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising report, the most believable advertising comes directly from people we know or trust. A restaurant school fundraiser can increase awareness via word-of-mouth (or online posts, which are the modern equivalent) before the event, as school contacts and families spread the news, during the event with social network posts of everyone enjoying your place, and after the event as people recommend your place as a caring community member with great food.

2. Reach an untapped market

Everyone’s gotta eat, and even families with school-age kids head out to a restaurant now and again. One tried-and-true rule of school fundraisers is to tap the type of expenditure that local consumers will be making anyway. This works in a restaurant’s favor when you help a school raise money, since families (and grandparents, who may have more discretionary income), will be coming to your restaurant instead of their usual haunts. This is a great chance for them to see the specials that might appeal to them (especially kids’ meals, takeout or happy hours) or simply to get them out of the rut of going to the restaurant nearest to the school or their house and come to you instead.

3. Differentiate yourself from the competitors

If your restaurant is in a highly competitive market, sponsoring school fundraisers can help you generate loyalty for your place. Parents, teachers and administrators will all tend to be more loyal to the restaurant that helps them raise funds. In other words, the “be true to your school” mentality extends to buying from the restaurants that help support the kids and classrooms throughout the year.

4. Make employees happy, too

Involving current employees in your restaurant’s volunteer activities actually improves their job performance and job satisfaction, according to the National Restaurant Association.

5. Improve future hiring efforts

Sponsoring a school fundraiser is also a great time to do some absolutely free recruiting for current and future workers. When school kids have experienced your restaurant firsthand and recognize that you helped support their causes, they could be more likely to fill out an application, now or in a couple of years.

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