The Advantages of Successful Teamwork for Fundraising

Teamwork is likely more important in a nonprofit setting than any other business venture. A nonprofit must work as seamlessly as any finely functioning machine, and teamwork is the key to keeping that machine well-oiled. This shows through nowhere else as importantly as it does during fundraising settings.

We have spoken previously about proper fundraising etiquette and using volunteers in your nonprofit organization. The nonprofit cannot gain the value that either have to offer without proper teamwork being incorporated into the business. Teamwork will keep morale high; every individual involved with the difficult task of fundraising will be more willing to do their honest share if they see that effective teamwork strategies are utilized.

Quality teamwork starts at the top, and trickles down through the entirety of the organization. If you’re in a position of leadership in your nonprofit, try a few of these techniques to lead your team to working together to build a successful fundraiser:

  • Show the team that you’re doing the footwork as well. No one is as willing to follow a leader who isn’t humble enough to do the work they are asking others to do.
  • Listen to your team’s suggestions. Though some ideas are certainly better than others, every person on your team should feel that their opinion is valid and matters.
  • Be prepared to give proper, positive guidance to members of your fundraising team if they are not working as smoothly together as they should. If tension is building, it is your job to remove it–ideally without upsetting anyone.
  • Remind everyone that you all have the same goal. This will help your team set aside differences.
  • Make sure that your team is having fun! When work doesn’t feel like work, they’re likely to get a lot more done.
  • Try to facilitate teamwork as a part of your philosophy and culture. It should not be a means to an end.

Keep these ideas in mind the next time you need a team to work toward your fundraising event, and watch the capital flow in. Stay tuned and we’ll have more ideas to help your nonprofit get off the ground and running.