Back to School: Fundraising Ideas

Back to school season is here and there’s a decent chance that your school is already stretching the budget to meet demands. To accommodate this year’s batch of new students, you may need a financial boost. The solution to your monetary woes? Amazing fundraising events! Here are some fundraising ideas to help you get started:

Weekend School Fair

If your school has a large playground or parking lot, setting up a fair with games and grub can raise the budget over the weekend. By charging visitors a small fee to play carnival-style games, selling tickets for a raffle with donated prizes, and partnering with restaurant owners in your community, your school can host a fair that will entertain visitors and provide the funds needed to make it through the school year with money to spare.

Arts and Crafts Exhibition

Selling tickets to an arts and crafts exhibit is more than just a great way to raise funds for your school, it also encourages students to be creative. An arts and crafts display is also one of the easiest fundraising events to organize. Allowing students to voluntarily contribute their artwork to the exhibition—which they may have created at home or in school—simplifies the process of collecting arts and crafts to show off.

Additionally, you can solicit help from local artists, parents, and even certain merchants (such as craftsmen, gallery owners, or antique dealers) to add more to the event.

Local Business Bake Sale

The classic school-fundraising event, the bake sale—this time with a twist. By partnering with local bakeries (in addition to other community volunteers) your school can sell a wider selection of goods and attract considerably more customers than a typical bake sale. Some business owners may even be willing to donate a portion of their daily sales to your school for the good publicity.

Partnerships with Nearby Merchants

In addition to elaborate fundraising events, long-term partnerships with local merchants can help your school expand its budget. Here are a few examples of these mutually-beneficial arrangements:

  • Merchants providing discounts to a school’s staff and students to gain a large number of loyal customers
  • Merchants donating a percentage of proceeds to schools to encourage the local community to buy from them
  • Merchants giving schools gifts (school supplies, lab equipment, etc.) to promote their business

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