A Big “Thank You” To Our Local Business Partners

The Berryessa and Milpitas School Districts would like to thank EVERYONE for their support during the Great School Week fundraising drive that took place November 11-18, 2017! Every donation makes a difference in improving programs in our schools, and we are extremely grateful for all contributions great and small.

This event was a digitized fundraiser. Here’s a quick review of how it worked: patrons download the Contribulet mobile-frineldy website and then use Contribulet to purchase vouchers for their favorite local businesses. The supporters can bring the vouchers into the business, who then donates a specified percentage of the voucher to the school districts. Some merchants even donated as much as 100% of their vouchers toward this fundraising drive!

We want to give special recognition to some of the event merchants who truly stood out with their contributions.

  1. Pizza California (Oakland Rd., San Jose)

  2. T4 Tea For You San Jose (N. Capitol Ave., San Jose)

  3. Sports Basement (Kern Ave., Sunnyvale)

  4. Pho Saigon Noodle House (Landess Ave., Milpitas)

  5. Chick & Tea (N. Milpitas Blvd., Milpitas)

  6. Pump it Up Milpitas (N. Abel St., Milpitas)

Owner of Pizza California, Tony Brierly

Owner of Chick and Tea, Frankie

These top 6 contributors together accounted for over 60% of the sales that supported this fundraiser, and together they donated nearly $900 to the schools!

Our top contributor, Pizza California, deserves its own gold star for their whopping contribution of over $300. The schools and students of Berryessa and Milpitas thank you for your generosity!

Fundraising event simple, successful, and fun. To find out more about hosting your own fundraising drive, contact us today.