Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

Thanking your donors is an important part of any fundraiser. Someone has taken time out of their day and donated to your cause. Regardless of the amount of the donation, a demonstration of gratitude can encourage that donor to possibly a) donate again or b) increase the amount of their donation the next time that you fundraise. Even if this person never donates again, you want to ensure that you clearly convey that you are grateful for their time.

1- Address them by their name! Adding this personal touch to the thank you note will make it unique to the individual or organization that will be receiving it. Giving them the sense of familiarity will make them comfortable, increasing your chances of them donating again.

2- Do not mention how much they donated, but if you are so inclined, a statement along the lines of  “thank you for your generosity” or “your generous contribution…” is enough. Shy away from attaching a numerical value to what their donation was. You don’t want them to think that your only concern is how much they were able to donate as opposed to just caring that they took the time to contribute.

3- Even though they already know what they donated to, add a small detail of what their financial assistance will be helping accomplish. A reminder of the cause that they donated to will help cement their “feel good” in participating. If you have reached your goal, let them know!

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