Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Contribulet as a fundraising event organizer?

Click on the “Sign up” button at the top of this page and register an account as Fundraiser.

I am a business owner, what should I do if I want to join the program and make donation?

You can sign up your business here or contact Contribulet at info@contribulet.com.

Where can I use Contribulet? (mobile or online)

You can purchase an e-Gift Card or Voucher on your desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone and redeem your purchase at the business you selected.

Does Contribulet use paypal or venmo?

Yes, payment can be made through Paypal or Venmo.

Does Contribulet use Apple Pay or Google Pay?

Not at this time although we are considering adding these payment options in the near future.

Does contribulet save or share my credit card information?

Contribulet does not collect or store your payment information. Our third-party payment processing partner – Braintree (A PayPal Service ) – maintains your payment information on their servers.

What happens if I have a, e-Gift Card or Voucher and the fundraising event ends?

If you haven’t redeemed the e-Gift Card or Voucher when the fundraising event ends and you’re within 7 days from the date you purchased the e-Gift Card or Voucher,  you can request a full refund from Contribulet – no questions asked. 

Otherwise, you can simply redeem the e-Gift Card or Voucher at the selected business at your convenience – the e-Gift Card and Voucher do not expire. A Voucher must be redeemed in a single visit. The e-Gift Card can be used in multiple visits – in fact you can add money to your e-Gift Card even after the fundraising event ends. Our merchants will continue to honor both the e-Gift Card and Voucher after the fundraising event ends.

What happens to the money if I gift a voucher and it is never spent? Will the event still get the money?

Yes, the fundraising organization will still receive the merchant’s donation. The donation amount is determined when the e-Gift Card or Voucher is purchased, not when it is redeemed.

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