Heat Up Your Non-Profit

Fundraising doesn’t have to be boring and filled with the same oh hum ideas. While bake sales, car washes, and door-to-door sales are tried and true ways to increase funds for your non-profit, there are other more community based fundraising opportunities available now that allow for donations with just the click of a button.

APP-solutely Easy

Contribulet is a free mobile app that allows people within your community to buy vouchers and gift cards for products sold at local businesses who have partnered with Contribulet. Those businesses agree to pay a percentage of the overall sales towards whatever fundraising program you have chosen to support. As a non-profit organization, all you have to do is go online, register your organization with Contribulet, and create a fundraising event tailored specifically to your organization’s needs. It’s simple to get everyone on board once they realize that there’s no extra work. Donor’s only need to purchase their gift cards and vouchers through Contribulet in order to donate funds.

Beat the Chills

If you’re still craving a good old-fashioned community get together, try hosting a Winter Gala filled with booths where local restaurants can sell food items, local craftsmen can showcase their artistry, and games where families can try to win a prize. Make the Winter Gala indoors or out and include a bonfire if you’d like with s’mores packets for sale. Using the Contribulet app along with the gala would be a brilliant way of raising funds as well since your auction could be hosted on Contribulet.

No matter when or where you choose to host your next fundraiser, using the Contribulet app to help reach your organization’s goals doesn’t take any thought at all. Let Contribulet work with your organization to build a stronger community that supports each other economically. What are you waiting for? Start fundraising the easy way today!