Here Is How Contribulet Works

Choose Your Restaurant Partners

Choose your local restaurant and store partners from Contribulet’s list of participating businesses. All participating businesses have agreed to donate a percentage of  their on-line sales to fundraisers.



Create a Fundraising Event

Create a fundraising event by registering on Contribulet. Provide information about your school or non-profit, in addition to information about your fundraising event (e.g., event description fundraising goals, etc.).  We’ll help you invite the local restaurants and stores you selected  to join your fundraising event.

Start Selling

Once the local restaurants and stores you invited have accepted your invitation to join your fundraiser, it’s time to start promoting your fundraising event. Share the fundraising event details with your friends, family, colleagues, and supporters so they can purchase e-Gift Cards on Contribulet. The more e-Gift Cards you sell, the faster you can reach your fundraising goal!



Partner up with your favorite local stores or restaurants

Who doesn’t like food? We have hand-picked the restaurants for you that are community-friendly so you don’t have to go out and knock on doors! Simply choose the restaurants you’d like to partner with and we’ll send out your fundraising request invite.

We like everything digital

Still using shoes box to collect receipts? With Contribulet you won’t have to anymore! It’s simple – your fundraiser supporters purchase e-Gift Cards from participating restaurants and stores on Contribulet. Because everything is on the Cloud, you can access your fundraising data 24/7.


Easily manage events and donations 

Managing a fundraising event can be pretty hectic. Let Contribulet help! Use our on-line template to create your fundraising event and invite local restaurants and shops to join your fundraiser. With your fundraiser account, easily track your fundraiser progress, see your top supporters, share event updates and more. 

Start Raising Funds The Smart Way

Contribulet is a digital fundraising platform that helps schools and non-profit organizations streamline their fundraising process with local merchants.

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