How To Keep People Engaged With Your Cause

Fundraising is a never ending job. The need for money to support your organization and its events is a year round activity. Whether you are planning an event, putting on an event or thanking everyone for their help, you are in a cycle of constant movement. With this in mind, keeping your donor and volunteer base engaged, while preventing burnout, is a top priority. Here are XXX strategies to ensure that you keep people engaged with your cause.

Provide Regular Updates. Whether people donate their time or money to a cause, they want to know what is happening as a result of their efforts. To ensure that your constituency is receiving timely information, be sure to update them regularly with tweets, blogs or video clips. Find a medium that works for your organization but be sure to let people know that their efforts and contributions do not go unnoticed.

Vary Your Opportunities. The same events bring out the same people and eventually even your regulars tend to stop showing up. If your fundraising events change regularly, or happen more frequently, it offers more possibilities for people to become engaged on a variety of levels. You may find that someone who contributed a large financial donation at the last event, now has an interest in volunteering at the next event. People are also drawn to events that appeal to their interests and needs. Providing an opportunity for the whole family to spend quality time together at a fun run or a pizza night, may work one for one kind of donor while another donor may appreciate an adults only event or online giving campaign.

Ask for Input. Ask your constituency what kind of events they like to attend. You get more grassroots assistance when people take part in the planning process. Volunteers and donors alike tend to feel a greater connection to the cause if they helped develop the idea.

Keeping your volunteers and donors is a struggle that may fundraising organizations deal with on a regular basis. Remember it is normal for people to come and go, the key is to keep your activities varied enough that a large base feels a connection to the cause and wants to stay engaged for years to come.