Marketing Your Business Through Fundraising

Contribulet is a cloud-based and POS integrated platform that helps you
reach new customers by fundraising with schools and non-profits.

A Marketing Tool Powered By Social Good!

Are you interested in more effectively leveraging fundraisers to grow your customer base? 

Our aim is to help your business easily manage the fundraising process with schools and nonprofit organizations. As a result, you will get more customers that are happy to go to your store and support their community!  

New and Improved! We’ve integrated our platform with your cloud-based Clover® and Datio POS!
One-Stop Solution
We provide a digital solution for standardizing the fundraising process by providing a platform for you to sell e-gift cards for your business to your fundraising partners and their supporters.
Easy Communication
Contribulet takes the stress out of fundraising! No more endless back-and-forth emails with the fundraising organizations. Our system will automatically generate confirmation emails and reminders for the fundraising event(s) you have approved.
Easy Access
Since our system resides in the “cloud”, you can access your data, reports, and tax-deductible donation receipts 24/7. We’ve also made it easy for you to send the donations to your fundraising partners with just the click of a button.
CRM and Marketing Tools
Build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with your customers by sending promotional emails, new product announcements or birthday gift cards. Our marketing tools will help you increase customer loyalty and engage your customers at every touchpoint.
Social Image
Most importantly, our IOS and Android smartphone apps come with a built-in social media share button to help you maximize your fundraising with social media and build your business’s brand with customers.

Here at Contribulet, we believe that every little drop counts, and the foundation for a better community is to support each other economically and financially. We want to create a system where fundraising is the bond that brings us closer and helps us work together to make positive change in our community.” – Founder, Kyle Pi

With Our Technology, You Can Now Focus On Building Stronger Relationships with Your Community!

Contribulet Gift Card
Mobile Gift Cards
We are all about helping you achieve your goals faster with a complete digital solution! Your fundraising partners can now access your store page on the Contribulet app to purchase e-gift cards on their phones. A portion of the sales from the e-gift cards will be donated to their cause based on the donation percentage you specify.
* The percentage of sales donated will vary from store to store depending on the agreement between store owner and Contribulet Inc.
POS Integration
Imagine never having to manually check-in with every donor who visited your store or tally piles of receipts every day. Our Clover app handles all that with just a push of the button.
Not using Clover? Let us know the type of POS you have and we’ll look at integrating our platform with it.
Contribulet app POS

Your Cloud-Based Merchant Dashboard

Here you can quickly access all the key data and reports associated with your fundraisers. You can also view real-time activities, track the donation amount, send promotional emails to your customers, and more!
⁺ Some features might require package upgrade.

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