A New Thinking in Fundraising

When we talk about fundraising, many people associate it as donating money directly to the charity. However, there are many different types of fundraising activities. Various activities can be considered fundraising; include selling cookies, silent auctions, hosting a marathon, partnering with a local restaurant, and so much more.

A recent survey shows that people are more likely to visit a store and purchase their products if the store has a sense of social responsibility.

For example, when the shoe company Toms brought the concept of “One for One” (The company’s promise to deliver a pair of free shoes to a child in need for every sale of their retail product) to the world, people were immediately drawn to the idea. Many brands followed the same concept after the success of Toms, resulting in a new form of purchasing behavior. Consumers have become more and more conscious about the brand and their social responsibility.

At Contribulet, we are the bridge between non-profit organizations and local stores. We help them discover each other and allow them to grow together. If a school is raising funds for their students, a store can help by selling vouchers on Contribulet and donate parts of their revenue to the school. Contribulet will promote both the school fundraising event and the store itself using its social power to attract local residents. We want to create a system where fundraising is the link among us that keeps us closer, helps us grow awareness, and makes our community a friendly environment.

To learn more about how Contribulet works, please visit our website: www.Contribulet.com.