Are You Raising Funds The Right Way?

Fundraising has never been an easy task. Many fundraisers use different methods throughout the year to get people’s attentions and interests of the topic they care. Time has also been a major factor. Today, our time has been taken over by information. People now use their time wisely in order to have a balanced life. That is why a good fundraising method will not only help fundraisers achieve their goals, but also help the supporters offer support without requiring much of their efforts.

In a survey recently done online, 50% of people said that they had not done any charity volunteering in the past three years.  However, 60% of people said they donated over $50 to charity in the past year. People are willing to donate as long the core value of the organization meets theirs and the way of donating money is easy and straight forward.

According to the survey, more than 50% of the people care mainly about education, followed closely by environment and humanity.  People tend to care more about the topics that related to them and their children. If the core value of the organization matches the person, it is more likely for them to donate.

With the right messaging of the fundraising campaign targeted to the right people using the right method, the campaign will run more smoothly and effectively. Learning what your supporters have to say about the previous campaigns will also help you improve. Let’s together find the right way to raise funds for meaningful causes.

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