Sunnyvale Middle School Will Be Hosting a Fundraising Event Starting February 12th!

Beginning February 12th and going through March 23rd, Sunnyvale Middle School will be hosting a fundraising eventthrough the Contribulet app.  Download the app to begin supporting efforts to make Sunnyvale Middle School an even better learning space for students.

After Downloading the App

Once you have downloaded the app, simply scroll through the list of participating restaurants and stores. These are the establishments that have agreed to donate a portion of sales to our fundraiser on the day and time listed on the app.

  • Go To An In-Store Event: Go for a fun day of shopping or a nice family dinner on one of the listed dates and timesand show the cashier or server the Sunnyvale fundraising flyer in your app. The donation rate listed on the flyer will be the portion of sales that gets donated to our school.

If you can’t make it out to any of the establishments listed on the app but still want to donate to this great cause, other options include purchasing e-vouchers and/or gift cards on the app or using the direct donation feature.

  • E-vouchers/ gift cards: From the list of establishments, you can choose to purchase e-vouchers and/or gift cards for yourself and others so you all can enjoy the great food and items offered the next time any of you go out. A portion of the e-vouchers and gift card sales will be donated to Sunnyvale.
  • Direct donation: If you wish to have your money go directly to our efforts, you can use the direct donation feature within the app’s secured online platform. We use PayPal to process payments through Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Download the appfor an easy and fun way to give back to Sunnyvale Middle School and support the education of bright, young minds. Thank you in advance for all those who support this cause.