Turn A Stranger Into Your Organization’s Supporter

You’ve approached everyone you know in the community, and everyone they know in your organization’s fundraising quest. You exhausted your contact list and your community grapevine is kaput. It’s time to try the dreaded cold call method and ask strangers to support your cause.

But why is contacting new people such a hardship? Do you fear rejection, the unknown or failure? Perhaps it’s all three, but there are ways to these fears into a functional fundraising effort. Here are five tips to take on unknown territory:


  • Go to where potential contributors go: When you raise money for a school or nonprofit, you seek the same places as your likely contributors. Review your current contributors’ backgrounds, businesses and interests and attend the same functions as potential givers, including chamber of commerce meetings, community planning seminars and school athletic events.

  • Place posters in strategic locations: Get the word out with colorful signs and posters announcing who you are and what you need. Place them in high-traffic areas and locations where potential donors are a captive audience. Creative locations include restaurant rest rooms and dining room seating areas, on gas station pumps and at grocery store check out lines, preferably close to those lurid celebrity magazines.



  • Check out community online bulletin boards: Many communities help neighbors stay in touch with an online bulletin board. Once registered, members post items for sale, trade or barter, place notices of everything from new stores and road closures to communications from local police, fire and government officials. Check with the webmaster for permission to post your information.

  • Online fundraising: Make it easier than writing a check or using a credit card. When donors spend on everyday items and a percentage goes to charity, it seems less of a hassle and part of what they bought in the first place. Connect the school or non-profit with local businesses via Contribulet’s app, and the donor decides how, when and how much to donate.

  • Organize a “Meet Us and Make A Friend” Night: Ask a previous contributor to donate space or swap space for services, serve refreshments and invite the community to meet your board members and listen to the personal stories from those assisted by your group. Potential donors like that personal connection; they want to see not only who gets the money but how it impacts individuals.

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